Wins offers ad-hoc systems assistance to manage the customers infrastructure, an essential service for the company security and efficiency: from hardware supply, made possible thanks to partnerships and agreements with the best players on the market, to the development of certified systems able to guarantee service continuity and data protection.
Our system analysts, always up-to-date and aware of the latest market developments, offer scalable and agile technologies to improve the informative system efficiency.

Main services

Networking security solutions and Intrusion Prevention: perimeter monitoring and data encryption are paramount at Wins, and firewall advanced setup is fundamental to avoid threats and to immediatly respond to external attacks.
Development and customization of virtual environments: hybid or all-virtual, VMware and Hyper-V, cross-platform Microsoft/Linux, we can manage customized and clustered solutions to guarantee the highest fidelity standards.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: we build complex virtual infrastructures with geographical data displacement and Dark Fibre MAN connectivity for virtual clusters. Service redundancy, VM clustering and a crossed backup system guarantee immediate service continuity in event of disaster/disservice even in displaced areas.

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Related programs

WEbadge is a staff attendance tracking software, recording every access and exit time of personnel and managing licenses, therefore automatically supplying HR with correct data.

WEbadge is supported by Wins on Internet Explorer 11 and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.