Suitable both for a large shops/affiliates chain and unique stores Winstore is a complete, agile, quick and versatile solution which allows the management of every single back-end and front-end process in the store.

Main features

The wide, customizable offer allows to work on every function at the cash point and in shop departments; stock checks, home deliveries and assistances become automated activities. Purchasing through loyalty cards, discount coupons and wishlists is easy to manage and monitor.
Real time data synchronizationamong headquarters, warehouse and retail shops permits an automatic information alignment, avoiding out-of-stocks, price inconsistencies or any mistake in managing promotions.
Unique ID codes: accesses and authorizations can be selective, making every important operation traceable. The use of barcode and QRcode labels allows sales assistants and customers themselves to visualize the product data sheet on different mobile devices.

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WinStore modules

Cash desk has a friendly and agile interface with appealing graphics, that gives surplus value to the store. Cash point can be managed through a touch screen or with mouse or keyboard, with a customized access via login or Rfid badge: the perfect tool to monitor employees activities. Read more
The Barcode and QRCode labels software is a handy tool to manage price variations within the store; such program gives a huge margin to operate marketing intiatives and promotions: barcode and QRCode labels are customizable, can be printed on paper or viewed on the latest electronic devices. Read more
It is the unique tool for profiling and retention, strategic both for consumer and for business: it’s focused on customer, to reward his continuity of purchase, through a favorable treatment; it’s useful for marketing department, to segment customers, identify the needs of the target and differentiate, creating ad hoc offers. Read more
In this web, multichannel era, companies need to make their offer more appealing and flexible. The Retailer must be able to offer different puchase alternatives, overcoming the boundaries of the retail shop without losing its benefits: a hybrid service is mandatory, mixing the advantages of the Retail Shop with those of the e-commerce, and Pick & Pay is the answer. Read more

Related programs

Whatever the event, wedding, new birth, degree, birthday, etc. , Giftlist allows the creation of a wishlist in a single retail shop or in a chainstore, easy to manage for the user, his relatives and friends, and for the company as well: you never miss a gift, generic amounts can be loaded, different delivery methods can be chosen and there is the chance to set additional bonuses for the list owner.
Managing the product repair and substitution, under warranty or not, is automatic. The ticket status is updated in real time and the staff can promptly take care of the customer needs.
MIA is the retail shop interactive corner, that joins the advantages of online sales to in-store opportunities: a new concept of the purchase experience improves the interaction with the customer, maximises resources, promotes the omni-channel activity. Read more

WinStore is supported by Wins on Windows 10. WinStore is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10.