Cash desk has a friendly and agile interface with appealing graphics, that gives surplus value to the store.
The cash point can be managed through a touch screen or with mouse or keyboard, with a customized access via login or Rfid badge: the perfect tool to monitor employees activities.

Main features

Fast payments, to avoid any annoying waste of time at the cashiers : the software enables multiple payments, returned goods, deposits and promotions; the check-out assistant can manage any payment method, cash, with credit or gift cards. The module works also on double-monitored hardwares, the new advertising tool at the cash point, in which promotions and suggestions are shown, to increse the purchasing impulse.
The information is always updated with headquarters and single departments : prices and promotions can always be synchronized to the price lists and commercial policies received from the headquarters, sales data feed the accounting department, products passed through the cash-register automatically modify stock information.

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WinStore Cash point is supported by Wins on Windows 10. WinStore Cash point is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10.