In this web multichannel era, companies need to make their offer more appealing and flexible. The Retailer must be able to offer different alternatives of purchase, overcoming the boundaries of the store without losing its benefits: a hybrid service is mandatory, mixing the advantages of the Retail Shop with those of the e-commerce, and Pick&Pay is the answer.

Main features

Even the online shopping habitue comes back to the store: the customer with a product clear in mind looks for it in the e-commerce website, chooses the handiest pick-up point or, in case of a affiliates chain, the store offering a better price; faster purchase, less strict returned goods policies and the choice of home delivery can widen the customer target.
Make a random client a faithful customer and register his data: Wins Pick & Pay service keeps track of all the customer information, including purchased products, hence helping his profiling.
Free competition: the system will automatically provide the customer the list of Retail Shops selling the product and the related prices; the store chain has its earnings in any case, the single affiliate store experiences the effects of a direct and legit competition, which brings to an effective spur to increase its service.

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WinStore Pick&Pay is supported by Wins on Windows 10. WinStore Pick&Pay is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10.