The Barcode and QRCode labels software is a handy tool to manage price variations within the store; such program gives a huge margin to operate marketing intiatives and promotions: barcode and QRCode labels are customizable, can be printed on paper or viewed on the latest electronic devices.

Main features

The high level of customizability allows great content flexibility, using models or setting ad hoc labels; such files can be managed in formats compatible with the main printer brands on the market.
Prices and information always uptodated: the variation log is updated from the main software, so that modifying the item price and printing the related labels is extremely easy; in case of e-labels, the software updates them automatically.
The customer experience is effective and monitored, as the customer can now use his own mobile device to obtain additional useful information about the selected product: QRCode data are always tracked and available to the company to verify promotions and plan future initiatives.

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WinStore Labels and QR-Code is supported by Wins on Windows 10. WinStore Labels and QR-Code is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10.