The Warehouse and logistics software allows a precise and accurate management of a single warehouse as well as a complex of infrastructures; the supplier, as well as the retail store, are guaranteed the complete traceability of their goods: from the handling of the goods, to the monitoring of stock and subsequent reorder; also the inventory planning is easy thanks to its compatibility with the most common portable devices. Activities are automated at their best and integrated with the other softwares in the headquarters or retail store.

Main features

Detailed product sheets show, in addition to basic information (ID codes, VAT, ECR, purchase price and sales data, courtesy product, etc.), important ditails such as price list, availability (in stock, reserved, moved, etc.), commercial notes (currently in promotion, low stock, soon out of production, etc.) and other customizable additional notes.
Inventory is no longer a problem thanks to AT Warehouse, that automatically updates stocks, actual location of the item, on-delivery goods, sellouts, low quantities, etc. The compatibility with the most renowned PDA laser devices allows to quicken goods identification processes, product lists creation, EAN codes match.
Many optional modules can be added to achieve a complete scalability solution for every need in the company: home delivery, periodical data communication to suppliers through information flows, manually or automatically sent, a calendar for the supplier deliveries, appreciation of in-stock goods…

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AT ERP Warehouse and Logistics is supported by Wins on Windows 10. AT ERP Warehouse and Logistics is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10.