Wins is one of the most experienced, skilled and equipped Italian software houses in the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) area.
We have solutions for any kind of business and customer need: from softwares that can be installed in-house, for customers who want to be completely independent, to services for customers willing to rely on a complete outsourcing, and hybrid solutions between them.
Wins allows a complete integration of documents, regardless the format (EDIFACT, EDIEL, etc.), the transmission method (AS2, X400, HTTPS, etc.), both input and output, in MultiVAN, Multistandard and Multiprotocol modes.

Main features

Interchange start: Wins can take care of every single step to start the document interchange with commercial partners (first contact, gatheing information and testing). The company will experience the direct benefits of such process.
Complete flow management for those clients who choose an outsourcing solution: Wins developed a complete service which manages documents interchange completly; from standard format conversion, to sending and receiving document flows through a main VAN on European territory… for the EDI without problems.
Document mapping for companies choosing to manage interchange on their own, but they don’t have the skills for set up the map: Wins translates documents and tests the flows between our client and his commercial partners accurately.

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Related programs

multistandard, multiprotocol, multiprovider and multichannel software, allowing conversion mapping and translation of files in international EDI standard format, in input and output. In addition Wins solution allows receiving and sending through certified VAN. All national and international standard formats are correctly managed (EDI 90.1, 96A, Ediel, Euritmo, etc.).
The monitoring tool which, through a web access, allows non-technicians to check the EDI conformity of sent and received documents, regardless their format and transfer method. Customized warnings pinpoint possible errors.

EDI solutions are supported by Wins on Internet Explorer 11 and are supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.