More than 15 years have passed from the first version, early stage, less functions, less intuitive but in step with the times.

Years passed on analysis, developments, customizations, breafings, brain stormings, controls, remakes, reconsiderations: all that to move our product closer to what an Electronic Catalogue should be, always in step with ever-changing needs of the market.

Much more than a PIM and a DAM, the Electronics Catalogue Ecat by Wins has grown and is making its way through the big Retail companies.

Numbers prove its success: in 2019 our platform recorded 168.000.000 operations from 240.000 active devices. It allowed users to make more than 1.100.000 researches with more than 1.900.000 product lists and more than 51.000.000 product datasheets displayed.


Last year stores printed almost 3.500.000 labels and more than 47.500 product datasheet to support consumers with Ecat.

Thank you for your confidence and thanks to all the users for having contributed to this success. We will remain on your side to offer you the best user experience.