MIA is the digital store to increase in-shop sales, matching both online shopping benefits and in-store opportunities: a new concept redesigning the purchase experience through a better appeal, optimized resources and the omni-channel strategy.
MIA is part of the ambitious project “The Future Store” by Wins: an ecosystem of solutions has been created to manage current change and support future change, a modular offer, which grows with the possibilities and requests of the Retailer.
MIA, extend your business!

Main features

MIA is the digital catalogue for the shop of the future: this platform increases salable products without being in stock; it integratates goods available in store with product sheets provided by external suppliers and the e-commerce. It can be installed on any device (kiosk, tablet, smartphone, videowall) and used by the customer directly or with the help of sales personnel.
MIA LABEL is the intelligent label that overcomes the concept of electronic label adding to the traditional functions the ability to show videos / photos in high resolution and the complete product sheet; allows the customer to interact, evaluate alternatives and buy the product directly.
MIA and QR Codes to innovate: promotions can be set on videowall devices, and through QR codes any involved product can be scanned and displayed on videowalls. Moreover, a “pick and pay” flier can be created, allowing the customer to complete the order scanning products on the flier wherever he is, even at home.

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MIA is supported by Wins on Internet Explorer 11 and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.