MIA is the retail shop interactive corner, that joins the advantages of online sales to in-store opportunities: a new concept of the purchase experience improves the interaction with the customer, maximises resources, promotes the omni-channel activity.

Main features

MIA improves the customer experience: the customer can browse the electronic catalogue and compare products on his own or while assisted by the seller; he can send an email to his address with details of the chosen product and go back to it later, quickly completing the purchase through MIA; moreover, he can transfer the product data sheet to his own mobile device scanning the QRCode.
MIA increases the number of products which can be sold without impacting on the warehouse stock: the application can be integrated with product sheets from external suppliers. Once the puchase is complete, the product will be automatically delivered to the store or to an address chosen by the customer.
MIA promotes cross-selling and up-selling: identifying alternatives and accessories is easy and handy, since the system suggests them automatically, stimulating the impulse of purchase.
MIA helps sales assistants: the software makes the customer assistance easier for the staff, shows real time warehouse updates, allows the choice of home delivery also for products currently on the shelf. The whole purchase process just takes few steps.

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MIA is supported by Wins on Internet Explorer 11 and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.