Wins centralized CRM platform, dedicated to the mass-media world, allows an easy and intuitively management of the company customer portfolio both from agent and from the administration. Specifically focused on sales and planning of advertising in radio and TV, the web platform is suitable for every desktop and mobile device, it’s available in different languages and can be customized both in its graphic layout and in its menu, alerts and stats.

Main features

The agent has a “mobile” organizer, with a reserved area for contracts, invoices and records of their customers; through the app the agent can access a periodical performance review to monitor and analyze his work and set improvement activities and strategies. He has a dedicated calendar, usable as agenda and an integrated localization map, to get to the customer faster.
The synchronization with tv and radio show-schedule management programs allows the agent to have the updated situation always at hand, so that agreements and mediatic exposure offered to the customer are accurate and consistent.
The supervisor supporting the Management: a centralized data archive program gives the chance to monitor the company agents, updating expectations and modifying tasks. An agent can be assigned to different customers, bonuses can be managed and reports can be created. On the administration side, CRM becomes a monitoring tool and an effective support to specific marketing activities concerning prospects or inactive customers, varying sales goals.

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Related programs

Wins can offer a Business Intelligence integrated with all the other softwares in the company, an effective tool to have a short, mid and long term perspective on business strategies. A customized data aggregation set, a detailed report system make Wins BI the perfect software for managers, analysts and operative employees when it comes to easily manage data and communications, so that every company area can be constantly updated, as well as information can be accurately analyzed and stored.

CRM is supported by Wins on Internet Explorer 11 and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.