Wins Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solution can be integrated with any prior system and is a useful tool to analyze and compare company performance data. Based on Microsoft SQL Server, offers customized data-aggregation settings, and a complete reporting system, ideal for managers, analysts and executives.

Main services

Centralized data management: from a single aggregation platform a whole set of analysis and reporting tools is generated, to easily manage data and communications, regularly update every production branch and analyze and store information.
Customizable reports, depending on the needs and skills of the final user: interactive dashboards allow ad hoc graphics and formulas, adding filters and creating specific listings, so that every data can be analyzed and displayed adequately.

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Related programs

Mercurio is a multi-database monitor operating through automated e-mails, managing communications related their status. Setting specific rules the software performs continuous and precise function-checks, verifying parameters and results: alerts are sent automatically, in case of errors and changes as well as records and goals reached. The solution also updates databases following specific instructions.

MercurIO is supported by Wins on Internet Explorer 11 and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.