AT ERP RETAIL is the all-around, scalable management platform, specifically thought for the mass distribution industry and focusing on consumer electronics: orders, invoices and goods handling become completely automated to minimize the chance of human mistake.

Main features

Over 100 different function modules to cover every aspect of the chain: a single language for managament, administration, accounting and commercials (from invoice generation, to selling and purchaising processes, from contracts, promotions and discounts management to the creation of price lists, from logistics to warehouse control). Our solutions are tailor-made, following our customer’s requests, avoiding superfluous modules, delivering only what is needed.
A centralized database with selective access on the one hand ensures an immediate data synchronization, avoiding redundancy, on the other hand becomes a useful activity monitor, allowing both user privacy and content accuracy.
The whole software can be customised and integrated with any existent application: the suite grows together with the amount of business, directly linked to all the auxiliary company software.

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AT ERP Retail modules

Finance is the scalable software which allows the management of every most common operation related to money handling; it's a multi-users application with different access levels. Finance has been developed and realized to simplify users tasks: with this software all the basic operations can be automated and search is optimized thanks to a multi-filter option. Read more
The perfect solution for Producers and Retailers needing to regulate with a high detailed level professional relationships and contracts: quickly you can define prices, pomotions and bonuses related to products currently on sale in mass distribution stores. Read more
It is the strategic solution for the entire order cycle management in selling and purchasing processes: from master data organization, to the sales/purchase order, from delivery to invoice and credit notes: automated procedures allows faster and more accurate operations, as well as data consistency. Read more
This software allows a precise and accurate management of a single warehouse as well as a complex of infrastructures; both the supplier and the retail store, are guaranteed the complete traceability of their goods. Read more

Related programs

Wins can offer a Business Intelligence integrated with all the other softwares in the company, an effective tool to have a short, mid and long term perspective on business strategies. A customized data aggregation set, a detailed report system make Wins BI the perfect software for managers, analysts and operative employees when it comes to easily manage data and communications, so that every company area can be constantly updated, as well as information can be accurately analyzed and stored.
Wins solutions of managing commercial e-documents allow a complete document dematerialization which up to now could be organized in paper form only. Thanks to these documents integration in the company management systems, a higher efficiency can be reached, avoiding human mistakes derived from manual data entry, hence considerably reducing management costs.

AT ERP Retail is supported by Wins on Windows 10. AT ERP Retail is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10.